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A journey of success

Welcome to Building Construction Limited (BCL). Building Construction Limited (BCL) is a Private Limited Company. The company has regis­tered under Joint Stock Company, Dhaka on 1st September 2005. TMSS is one of the major shareholders of the company.
TM Ali Haider is Young, Dedicated and Honest with Very Admirable Personality; Who is the Managing Director of BCL Group. He is being Visionary, Resilient and Innovative in Business. Initially, the company – “Building Construction Limited’ has started the journey with Construc­tion works, Land development & Real Estate Business but at present BCL Group has diversified its activities in 14 (Fourteen) Limited Company and Different Industries like *BCL Aviation Ltd, * 5 Star Hotel & Resort Momo Inn Ltd., *Automatic Brick Production, *Shopping malls, *BCL Paper Mills, *BCL Board Mills, *BCL Ceramics industries, *Mineral Water production (Momo drinking Water), *BCL Glass Industries Ltd. *BCL Cold Storage Ltd., *BCL Property Development. * BCL Fluid System Limited., *Algo Fluid System BD Limited., *BCL Superstore.,*BCL Food & Beverage Limited. *BCL Footwear Limited., *BCL Beauty care Salon & Spa., *TMSS CNG/LPG Conversion Unit., *BCL Ready mix Concrete, *BCL Bricks, *BCL Trading, *TMSS CNG Refueling & Gasoline Station. *Local & International Trading are major activities of the company.

Message From Managing Director

I welcome you all to Building Construction Limited (BCL). We are here to do something good for the Nation, Specially for North Bengal’s Industrial Development. We started with land development, Real Estate activities such as Buildings, Apartments, Commercial Spaces but Now We have Expanded our activities towards Automatic Brick Production, Shopping malls, Re-cycling Paper Mills, Board Mills, Ceramics industries, Mineral Water production, 5 Star rated Hotel and Local & International Trading. BCL has also operating clean fuel projects such as CNG & Gasoline Station with CNG Conversion & Automobile workshop. We have established those businesses for upholding our company, producing products & services which lead to create job opportunities for the Unemployed educated people and contribute to the National GDP. I would be very pleased if you visit our Place and advice which will enable us to strengthen our Products and Services of our company.

T.M. Ali Haider
Managing Director
BCL Group

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All Our Projects

  • TMSS LPG Ltd.
  • BCL Ceramic Industries Ltd.
  • BCL Glass Industries Ltd.
  • BCL Board Mills Ltd.
  • BCL Paper Mills Ltd.
  • BCL Bricks
  • BCL Food & Beverage Ltd.
  • Momo Inn
  • BCL Aviation Ltd.
  • BCL Superstore
  • BCL Cold Storage Ltd.
  • BCL Fluid System
  • Local & International Trading
  • BCL Property Development
  • BCL Ready-Mix Concrete
  • BCL Machineries & Equipments
  • TMSS CNG Refueling & Gasoline Station
  • TMSS CNG Conversion & Auto Workshop

Building Construction Limited