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BCL Paper Mills Limited

BCL Paper Mills Limited

BCL Paper Mills Limited is a Major concern of Building Construction Limited. The goal is to provide the Best quality Paper all over the country and We have 3 different Units (Media Paper, Quality paper and White Paper) The Paper Mill is located at Thengamara, Bogura. The raw materials of the paper mill are wastage paper. It is a 100% recycled base paper mill although we are operating Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with respect to the Environment. The product of this paper mill is being supplied across the country, which has made important contributions to economic development. This paper mill has created direct job opportunities for hundreds of people in different categories.
BCL Paper Mills Limited

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BCL paper mills limited (BPML) is a distinct industrial entity, has been guided with a common mission statement – “We are passionate about helping the world excel in education, communication, and business & solitariness by offering eco-sustainable paper-based solutions.” BCL paper mills limited has got three industrial units, all are equipped with industry-best state of the art facilities and are regularly going through meticulously opted refurbishment processes to cope up achieving “scale of economies” and “resource conservation” especially in energy (power consumption) and water usage per unit output. These significant alterations have been easily accomplished backed by dependable partnerships with the world’s top technology providers. Having positioned in a fast-growing market set, BCL has been relentless over a decade to offer its diversified products
ranging from different types of paper, thereby it has rightly been entrusted from customers’ fraternity of home and abroad. At present, BCL paper is the only trusted source of volume paper needs of the Bangladesh government, while keeping the pace of exporting to over 25 different global destinations. Noteworthy, it has been successful to become the only company in Bangladesh with certification of iso 9001:2015 and FSC-COC at the same time, certainly due to its thrust on the environment is visible in various eco-friendly initiatives at the plant sites by adopting modern technology and process innovations. Run by a group of sturdy technical and highly experienced paper professionals of the country since its inception, all the production units of BCL paper mills limited are absolutely environment friendly through leverage of most-modern ETP.

The company runs through a unique ERP solution, where this transformational technology enables to bring together best practices across all functions of the organization to deliver the highest value to all external and internal stakeholders. The company continues to conduct regular audits for its quality standards and customer satisfaction through research conducted in-house and also by independent agencies, which in turn helps to be updated with changing customer preferences and develop its products to stay well ahead of the curve. These pioneering moves have given BCL paper a pride of place as the change leader, ushering in a phase of the complete makeover in the Bangladeshi paper market.