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BCL Aviation Limited

BCL Aviation Limited is an aviation wing of BCL Group. It has been registered under Joint Stock Company, Dhaka in 2016. Prof. Dr. HosneAra Begum is the Founder Chairman of & Mr. T.M. Ali Haider is the Founder Managing Director of BCL Aviation Limited. As a business entrepreneur, the key persons of this company have been doing their business for a long time and have set up and successfully executed a good number of industrial undertakings. Now, as part of its expansion program, BCL Aviation Ltd has purchased 2 R66 helicopters for private, commercial Air Transportation and Air Ambulance services. The project also envisages procuring more helicopters soon to accommodate the country’s demand for helicopter services.
BCL Aviation Limited is an Aviation wing of BCL, was established in 2016. The aviation started its first operation with objective to provide corporate air transportation to BCL Industrial Areas. Later, Chairman & Managing Director of BCL decided to increase the service, hence, inducted state-of-the-art modern helicopters that can contribute for emergency services like Emergency Medical Evacuation flights and also Chartered air transportation from remote areas in Bangladesh. On similar note of expansion, he also employed highly skilled ex-military pilots and engineers to operate these helicopters without compromising international standards and recommended practices. Thus, BCL Aviation Limited is now a leading Commercial Helicopter Industry in Bangladesh with average of operating huge number of flights monthly.
There are total two Robinson-66 helicopters. These helicopters can undertake any aerial flight that our customer can demand. including abroad trained Pilots and Engineers, BCL Aviation Limited now can carry out chartered flights anytime on the daylight inside Bangladesh. To support operations, BCL Aviation Limited has one of the largest hangar facility at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport with 16000 sq.ft of space, 8700 sq ft of tarmac (for takeoff and landing) and a 4200 sq ft of office area with independent fire protection system and electrical power. Additionally it may also be noted that to provide medical service from pick-up of a patient in remote areas to the modern hospitals in Dhaka, Aviation has recently inducted a ground ambulance fitted with all life-saving equipment, which is always ready for operation with well trained and licensed Para-medics.

Our Aircrafts

BCL Aviation proudly announce that there are total two international standard helicopters in her fleet. All the helicopters are brand new and all four helicopters are from USA latest technology. BCL Aviation offers a first class service in helicopter transportation and air ambulance service provider with a modern, well maintained Robinson 66. Our experienced pilot can pick up and drop off passengers at most locations, whether it’s private landing site, an open field, or airport. Fly with us to the destination of your choice. BCL Aviation Limited will save your valuable time, while assuring you the safety and comfort you desire.

Robinson R-66

Designed with the future in mind, the meets or exceeds today’s airworthiness requirements to enhance occupant safety, with the adaptability to remain at the …